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We are Yayasan Sinar Harapan (Bali), which translates into “ Light of Hope (Bali)” in English and I would like to thank you very very much for taking interest in what we do and in the wonderful people who walk the corridors of our center everyday.

The idea, of what was to become the organization we have dedicated ourselves too, was sparked from the simple conversations between individuals. My fellow founders and myself all have had previous working experience in charitable organisations within Bali and abroad, and we shared the same love for a particular group of people from the Tegal slums in Bali. We also shared the same beliefs, that an education that was molded around the cultural and religious beliefs of these people coupled with what the Indonesian education system has already made available would be the best way to push these children out of the poverty cycle that their families have been trapped in for generations; that their families, especially their parents, should be deeply involved in their loved one’s upbringing (which of course includes their education); and that we had to create a community that was built upon trust, mutual agreements, compromise and goals for a better future. Our now, and finally, permanent center is located in Teukuumar Barat, and it provides everything needed for children and their parents to work and learn.

Our ‘school’ has 6 classrooms, a music and art room, a library with computer facilities, a parent’s workroom, a nurse’s suite, a canteen and a garden to play. Many sometimes forget how much work a school can provide, gardeners, cooks, cleaners, security guards, even librarians are all jobs that the parent’s of these children fill; thus giving them a reliable and steady income and removing the need to beg on the Balinese streets. It also keeps them near their children so that the parents can have a hands-on role in their child’s education. For others, our organization acts as agents who then source free trade contracts for each parent. This way they learn to make jewelry, stuffed toys and clothes for shops in and out of Bali that showcase their works and tell their stories, and of course pay these wonderful and talented individuals for their work.

The children are registered into the Indonesian education system as ‘home schoolers’ and, with the help of extremely dedicated teachers, will take the same exams and attain the needed certification to graduate high school and maybe even one day university. We also have everything a normal school provides, such as field trips, extra curricular activities and so on. Aside from education and jobs, we also provide health care through the very well established Siloam Hospital (Bali), financial planning and counseling for everyone. Within our cohort, we have aspiring doctors, nurses, teachers, policeman and many many more; we have parents who love their children and who want them to have futures that they could once upon a time only dream of. We, as an organization, are committed to giving these families a chance to attain the lives they want to badly and to rejoin society as educated and contributing Balinese. Thank you so much once again for your support. We invite you to come to visit us soon. Till then best regards, Charlotte Goh Hui Huang Director/ Founder




To be a force of positive change by championing high quality education and through elevating women’s rights and children’s rights in Bali, in furtherance of a Bali for and of her people.



To empower and inspire every student, parent and member of our team to reach their full potential and to develop each individual according to their own pace and strengths so as to ensure they are equipped with tools they need to be a successful and contributing member of society.


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Jl. Taman Sari Madu No. 6
Teuku Umar Barat 
Denpasar, Bali Indonesia

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